Have Your Best Business Year Ever: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Simple, Fun and Powerful Step-by-Step Template | taught by Maura Raffensperger

Course description

Ready for a year where you make more money and never say "I have no free time!"? Without research, results, a schedule and deadlines, you only have dreams. Sound daunting? It doesn't have to be.

The modules in this course take you through 17 mini steps that build on one another. Each step takes just minutes; almost without being aware of it, by the conclusion you will have created a set of concrete goals that will allow you to jump immediately into your best year ever. Move through at your own pace: course content, exercises, planning sheets, and checklists are accessible on any device, at any time, and can be downloaded to be used again.


  • What's Stopping Your From Setting Goals?
  • Get Your Ideas Flowing: Simple and Fun Goal Setting Exercises
  • Staying on Track with Your Goals – Strategies to Measure Your Progress
  • Tips on Outsourcing Effectively
  • Goal Setting Worksheet: From Inspiration to Clarity
  • How to Stick to Your Goals and Stay Motivated
  • Checklist Keyed to Each Module

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Maura Raffensperger
Maura Raffensperger
Your Chief Simplicity Officer

You’ll work fewer hours, attract more of the clients you want, and be able to make the money you deserve when you create the right systems in your business. I help small business owners & solo-professionals achieve this.

For 16 years I've coached hundreds of people to become significantly more productive - and still find time to focus on their spouses and personal interests!

I began my career as a hospital pharmacist, where I honed my analytical, organization and communication skills.

M.A., with an emphasis in Computers in Instruction. Taught high school chemistry and physics for four years. Loved teaching; frustrated by large class sizes.

Past president of the Ventura County Professional Women’s Network, and a Silver Microphone recipient of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. Served three years on the Board of the National Human Resources Association [NHRA] Ventura County affiliate, and was awarded “Member of the Year” for 2006-2007. Recipient of Women's Economic Ventures Ventura County Volunteer of the Year Award and National Association of Women Business Owners Ventura County Member of the Year Award.

In addition to individual clients, corporate clients include Amgen, Patagonia, and Rockwell (Teledyne).

Maura Raffensperger can be contacted via phone: 805-616-2466 or email: Maura@YourCSO.com