Fast and Easy Vision Board Creation

If you have trouble sitting down and generating goals, creating a vision board is a surprisingly easy way to clarify your goals. | taught by Maura Raffensperger

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What Exactly Is a Vision Board?

The most basic definition of a vision board is this: It’s a collection of images, quotes and symbols that have meaning to you and which bring out feelings of joy, peace, love and happiness. They represent your dream business and life. The concept was popularized in the bestseller The Secret, along with the term 'The Law of Attraction'.

Why Create a Vision Board?

Whether or not you are a fan of The Secret, a vision board may help you.


Because most goal-setting programs focus on the intended outcome. What is the result you want? And while that’s perfect for a business plan, for some it's not the best way to keep you inspired and motivated day in and day out.

For that you need to know how achieving your goals will make you feel. And that’s the real power of a vision board.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a look at your vision board for an instant reminder of why you’re working hard now, and what you stand to gain from it.

Also, if you have trouble sitting down and generating goals, creating a vision board is a surprisingly easy way to clarify your goals. I'm fairly analytical, and even I was surprised at how the process unlocked subconscious wishes and desires in a quick and easy way.

Limitations of a Vision Board

Wikipedia has this to say:

There is some evidence that vision boards may be counterproductive, since continually fantasizing about success can lead to taking fewer actions to realizing it. Thus, an "action board" is sometimes viewed as a better alternative.

Or, as my friend Chellie Campbell says so well, "How many affirmations do you have to make in front of a piano before you can play it? The Law of Attraction also requires a Law of Action."

The vision board is only a tool to keep you motivated to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

Who Might/Might Not Want to Create a Vision Board?

Create a Vision Board if:

  • You have problems defining your goals
  • You need motivation to move forward on your goals
  • Scrapbooking appeals to you

A Vision Board May Not Be Necessary if:

  • You are already very clear on your goals
  • You easily attain your goals
  • You love checklists
How Hard Is It To Create a Vision Board?

Not hard at all. You can spend several hours searching the web for instructions, or sign up for this workbook guide and checklist to get started right away.

Maura Raffensperger
Maura Raffensperger
Your Chief Simplicity Officer

You’ll work fewer hours, attract more of the clients you want, and be able to make the money you deserve when you create the right systems in your business. I help small business owners & solo-professionals achieve this.

For 16 years I've coached hundreds of people to become significantly more productive - and still find time to focus on their spouses and personal interests!

I began my career as a hospital pharmacist, where I honed my analytical, organization and communication skills.

M.A., with an emphasis in Computers in Instruction. Taught high school chemistry and physics for four years. Loved teaching; frustrated by large class sizes.

Past president of the Ventura County Professional Women’s Network, and a Silver Microphone recipient of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. Served three years on the Board of the National Human Resources Association [NHRA] Ventura County affiliate, and was awarded “Member of the Year” for 2006-2007. Recipient of Women's Economic Ventures Ventura County Volunteer of the Year Award and National Association of Women Business Owners Ventura County Member of the Year Award.

In addition to individual clients, corporate clients include Amgen, Patagonia, and Rockwell (Teledyne).

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